Monday, September 23, 2013

Stella Jean Spring 2014 RTW

Italian Haitian designer Stella Jean never disappoints when it comes to mixing African prints with a modern twist. The styling, use of colors, prints and patterns is breathtaking. I love the voluminous skirts, the checkered shirts and chic! Definitely a design I will love to see Solange Knowles in.


What are your thoughts?

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Source: WWD


Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

Wow...i've always told people African Prints can be high Fashion if the right person is behind that sewing machine. They managed to make everything look high fashion. I have seen some work done by private tailors that rival these but that's rare. I love everything in this collection! That zebra Skirt is all that.

Nikell said...

I love the vibrant colors, the long full hem skirts and patterns in this collection. Just gorgeous!

Sue Figueroa said...

Loove the mix of prints. Something I have been trying to incorporate in my style :-)

Abstract Organza said...

the prints & silhouettes are just stunning. very abstract ;)


StyleFash25 said...

Lovely mix of prints & patterns. My favorite has got to be the 5th look.

Solange would definitely wear all these pieces effortlessly.

Daniella said...

She is like, the master at combining the most incredible prints! In love with this collection! :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

The fashion engineer said...

I looooove the styling!!!


Purple Ivy said...

This woman knows how to work with prints. I'm always blown away by her collection.


vhutali said...

lovely. love the prints. so beautiful and making big statements

Tyrone said...

Awesome. I like the lovely mix of prints & patterns.

JustPorsh said...

Amazing collection!
That first dress is everything!
Other pieces I can see myself wear but not all at d same time tho.

Anonymous said...

I love the orange (and green?) striped blazer and the first dress. Absolutely stunning.

chictherapy said...


Yours Truly Blog said...

I can't get enough of African prints

Skinny said...

This is such a beautiful collection, she always gets it right.

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