Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Keeping It Casual

Casual, comfortable, affordable; they’re not exactly the kind of words that spring to mind when one thinks fashion. ‘Keeping in vogue’ is notorious for being a kind of self-torture, in which we inflict upon ourselves killer heels, corsets and nightmare jeans.

Laid-back, however, can look kind of fantastic when it’s done right. It’s all a matter of ensuring that whatever you wear, you’re wearing it the right way.


Okay, so sometimes the Louis Vuitton’s aren’t the most convenient of footwear, but what’s the alternative when you’re out and about?

Well, there are plenty of casual shoes that are trending thanks to their versatility of design. Converse footwear is a classic sneaker design that is currently finding its way into a whole host of celebrity ensembles, looking great with leggings and jeans alike. The low-cuts work really well with summer dresses (sockless, of course).

If you’re feeling brave, try sporting some suede shoes - think Puma or Nike - for something a little different. They look extra sweet with a pair of skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder tee. They’re also perfect for keeping up appearances while out on a summer morning jog. Of course, sandals are one of the best summer options.


Summer is coming to a close, so it’s time to consider how you’re going to make the swap between the skirts back to the skinnies for the fall. No need to ditch color, though - pastel jeans are a fantastic way to give your casual style a little extra flavor.

DKNY unleashed some killer pastel jeans at the end of spring that embody a superb minimalist look. Superdry’s selection is also highly recommended. Currently trending are mint green pastels, which work perfectly with a light top and ankle boots.


Never underestimate the power of the floral print. Coming up to the new academic year, the big contenders are bright summer tones (think yellows and turquoises, people) against the black & white trend that poked its head out around March time.

If you’re going for the duochrome, spots look uber slick if you can pull them off. Brandish a pair of bright leggings to add a splash of colour to the outfit - it could even be worth sporting the mint greens - and top it off with a pair of classic Toms.
However you do it, make sure you make the most of what’s left of summer with a super chic, laid-back style. It can help you bridge the gap to autumn wear too, so don’t be sad that the sun is on its way out; think of the jackets!



Aga Guerrero Olesinska said...

Really awsome look

sorelle in style said...

Ooh I've recently fallen back in love with my Converse - they really are so comfy and can look perfect when paired with the right outfit! :)

sorelle in style

olam61 said...

Amazing blog, very inspired.

Alice Kouzmenko said...

I actually love the jeans! They go so well with so much and they're like a great "pop" of colour!

Yasmin said...

nice article...

Tamara de Rijk said...

Good article! It really inspired me, thank you.

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