Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pregnancy Chronicles 2

Finally, my hubby was able to edit this video in-between his busy schedule. This is a follow up to my first 'Pregnancy Chronicles' video which was filmed in my first trimester. In the Chronicles 2, I tried answering some questions while sharing my second trimester experiences. If time permits, I am hoping to do a third video to share my third trimester experiences.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey. Your love, support and encouragement makes it easier. It is heart warming knowing that through my journey, a lot of you have been inspired and this means a lot to me.

Thanks for stopping by...
Thanks to hubby for the amazing video & editing...check out his videography works on Youtube here


Anonymous said...

Lovely video as always. I'm not pregnant but i am stocking up on loose fitting clothes for when/if i do. You're my inspiration!!

My question is, do you wear heels all day and how comfortable are they with the growing belly?

Skinny said...

Looking good mama!!! I can't believe you're almost there- I can't wait to be called "aunty Nife" lol

Victoria West said...

Lovely video. :)

Xoxo, Victoria

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