Monday, July 30, 2012

Animal Instinct: Zebra Print

Zebra face by

Hi everyone! How was your weekend?

Zebra by www.jadore-fashion

My weekend was very relaxing. On Saturday after work, I stopped by the mall. It has been a while since I went shopping. More often, I have found online shopping easier and fun as I am able to avoid the hassle of crowded stores or the difficulties in finding appropriate sizes. After shopping, I got an ice cream cone before heading home. On Saturday evening, I tried out a new recipe for Pasta, which I posted on my previous post here. My Sunday after church was spent catching up on recorded shows and a trip the gym before calling it a night.

Zebra half by www.jadore-fashion

For this outfit, I decided to try out different looks by pairing two jackets. I wore the black blazer to add a more formal look to the outfit and I switched to the jeans jacket for a more casual look.

Which do you prefer?

Zebra back by

Zebra sit by

Zebra back by

Zebra details by

Outfit: Zara Zebra Jumpsuit (sold out, love this here or here)
H&M Blazer (similare here)
Jeans Jacket (similar here)
Christian Louboutin (here, similar here)
Zara Clutch (here)
JCrew bracelet (similar here)
Ray bans glasses (here, love this pair here)
Michael Kors watch (here)

Have a lovely day...keep smiling :)
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Photographed by PaOsin
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dinner: Penne Pasta

Hey guys! It's me, checking in! I hope your weekend it going well.

I decided to do a quick post on tonight's dinner. This is the first time that I have actually tried to make this type of pasta. I usually make my pasta with pasta sauce; but today, I decided to try something different. 

Ingredients: Penne pasta, Vine tomatoes, Parsley, Garlic, Basil, Olive oil, White onions

  1. Chopped up tomatoes mixed with parsley, basil, thyme, pepper and olive oil and let it marinate
  2. Cooked the pasta in a boiling salted water until it is al dente, then I drained the water
  3. In a separate pan, I heated up the olive oil and then I added chopped white onions 
  4. After sauteing the onions, I added the marinated tomatoes and cooked pasta before letting cook for a few minutes
Here is the final result:


Since I am a pasta lover, this dish is really easy to make. I will definitely be making more of it.
I hope I didn't make your mouth water ;)

Enjoy...see you later,
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leopard Brights

Bright Leopards face short by

Hey guys! How has your week been so far?

My week has been pretty good so far. In the past, I occasionally got exhausted after a long day at work; however since I started doing Pilates, I have been more energetic. I love the feeling after a day in Pilates' class, which can be attributed to an awesome instructor. Not only does it help with toning, it helps me a lot with my posture. 

Bright Leopards full by

Lately, I have been all about suits. I have had this Mango yellow suit for almost 2 years and I get excited each time I wear it. Love the color...well suited for summer. I previously wore it here.

Yellow Suit details by www,jadore-fashion

On the other hand, since I got my iPhone, I have been having fun with my Instagram and I am also trying to tweet more often. Therefore, you can tweet me anytime because I enjoy responding and chatting with everyone. It is also a faster way to keep in touch or just to say hello :)

Bright Leopards shoes by
Outfit: Mango Yellow suit (similar here & here)
Cap-toe pumps (here)
Vintage bag (love this here)
JCrew bracelet (similar here)
Michael Kors watch (similar here)

P.S. Let's continue to put everyone affected in the Aurora shooting in our prayers...such a sad and scary situation.

Have a wonderful day!


Photographed by: PaOsin
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Pour La Victoire Illssa

Browsing during my lunch break at work and this 'Pour La Victoire Illssa' sandals caught my eyes--great for Summer. I love the buckles and gold heels.

What do you think?
Get it here or a similar pair from Sam Edelman here

Enjoy the rest of your day!
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Playing With Prints And Colors

Jcrew & Miu Miu Full by

Hi everyone! How is your week going?

My weekend was fun and went by quickly. I spent some time with friends. Late Saturday, we went to support a friend of mine who threw a big first birthday for her daughter. It is always fun going to kids' birthday parties as I usually end up acting like a kid. Not only were we blowing bubbles with the kids, we also participated in musical dance chair and I was the second person booed off. LOL!

Jcrew & Miu Miu floral 1 by

Saturday was a fun night indeed. On Sunday after church service, my husband and I took a drive to Annapolis and later stopped to get dinner at Nandos. I posted a picture on instagram of my favorite Nandos' peri peri sauce. I always get the extra hot sauce. :)

Jcrew & Miu Miu full front by

On another note, has anyone noticed the constant change in weather? Here in Maryland, the temperature was between 90-100 degrees last week and suddenly, it started raining over the weekend and it is was cold. It felt like Fall...

Jcrew & Miu Miu detail by

With this outfit, I decided to use the pants as my styling focus. Being that the pants is bright fuchsia, I incorporated a darker color (cobalt blue) while bearing in mind the floral blazer. I added the floral blazer to highlight the fuchsia and blue color in the outfit. If you notice, the blazer has both colors in a floral form. Therefore, when it comes to mixing bright colors with prints, make sure there is a common color that tie both together.

Azelea Floral details by www.jadore-fashion

I am in love with this pants--very comfortable and chic. I think Jcrew pants stole my heart. I can't get enough of the cut and prints of the cafe capri pants. :)

Jcrew & Miu Miu by
Outfit: JCrew pants (similar here)
Zara blazer (sold out, similar here)
H&M shirt (similar here); H&M Clutch (similar here)
Miu Miu slingback (sold out)
Michael Kors watch (similar here)
Express link bracelet (similar here)

Have a lovely day!

Photographed By PaOsin
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Are you on Instagram? 

I might be a little bit addicted to instagram; but you can join my madness here and get to see other sides of me and pictures that don't make it here ;) Here are some of my instagram photos...

Instagram by www.jadore-fashion

Have a fabulous day!

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Sunglasses Shop Winner

GIVEAWAY Winner is....

Comment #8

Grace Mdemu


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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Street Style: Paris and Beyond







I always get inspired by a lot of things from arts, paintings, architectures and street styles. Hope you get  inspired by these Paris Couture Street Styles.

What inspires you?

Happy Sunday! Enjoy the rest of your day...

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Topshop Scarf Print Slip Skirt

I love the colors of this Topshop scarf skirt. The addition of a front slit makes it more unique. This skirt is currently on my list.

What do you think? Check it out here

Cheers to a great weekend!
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Floral Dose

Floral Zara 0 by www,

Hello beautiful people! Friday is around the corner which means I am super excited :)

Floral00 by

How has your week been? I had my second pilates session this week and seriously, who invented those Pilates equipment? They are not as easy as they look and my trainer had my friend Ivelisse & I doing some tough exercises. She is definitely pushing us and this is great. I think I have found a form of exercise that isn't boring.

Floral Overdose details by www.jadore-fashion

On the other hand, I am looking forward to the weekend and one of my reasons besides sleeping late is because I am hosting a ladies fun night at my place. Since my graduation celebration, I haven't seen most of them; so this will be a night to catch up on new things, eat, drink and be merry ;)

Floral Overdose extras by www.jadore-fashion

P.S.: If you haven't enetered for the GIVEAWAY going on, don't for to check it out here.

Floral and Zara by www,
Outfit: Zara Blouse: Old (try this here)
Zara shorts: Old (try this here)
Zara Shoes: Old
Victoria Secret purse: Old (try this here)
Michael Kors Watch (here)

Have a fubulous day and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Corporate World

Work Outfit 1 by

Hi everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Work Outfit face by

I often receive emails regarding outfits to wear for work as such, today's post features an outfit I wore to work. I accessorized with these bold earrings after work to get some drinks with friends. When it comes to work, I tend to add a little bit of color without going overboard. In this case, I wore the lavender capri pants from JCrew. To prevent the outfit from being over-shadowed by the color of the pants, I added some neutral tone colors i.e. the blouse, blazer and shoes.

Work Outfit full by www.jadore-fashion

Remember, work outfits don't have to be boring or dark. You can always add a little bit of color; whether it is your pants, blouse or scarf. Be careful to avoid being too bright because you don't want to be the walking rainbow at work.

Work Outfit by www.jadore-fashion

Work Outfit details by

On another note, I have finally started my pilates class. You will not believe how much I love it even though Saturday was my first time ever . The equipment looked scary at first, but I warmed up to it. I tweeted a picture of what the equipment looked like on Saturday. I will definitely tweet another picture of the studio during my next session on Tuesday. Pilates is definitely a great exercise because it works your whole body. I can still feel the tense in my muscles. I love the atmosphere of  INLINE Private Pilates studio and my instructor is awesome.

Has anyone taken Pilates before?

Work Outfit shoes by
Outfit: JCrew Cafe capri (Similar here or try this here)
Forever21 top (Try this here)
H&M blazer (similar here)
Pumps (here)
Watch: Michael Kors (here)
H&M Earrings
Vintage bag

Have a wonderful day!
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Valentino Rockstud T-Strap Pump

Get it here

On my Facebook and Instagram (@jadorefashions), I have posted the picture of these shoes constantly. I am currently obsessed with it. It is very classy and edgy--definitely on my list.

What do you think?

Ok, back to my lunch break...
Happy Monday!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Dinner

Hi everyone! How is everyone doing?

After Church, I decided to make a modified Kao Pao beef. Since I learnt how to make Kao Pao from my sister-in-law Purnima, it has become one of my favorite dishes to make.

These are the pictures from my cooking process...

The pictures above include some of the ingredients that I used such as...
  • Chopped Bell Peppers (Red, Yellow, Green, Orange)
  • White Onions
  • Beef Chucks

  • Sauteed the beef chucks with the seasonings below before frying the chopped bell peppers, Scallions and onions.

  • Seasonings: some of the seasonings that were include Curry Powder, Grounded Hot pepper chillies, Rosemary, Ground Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Cumin and Salt

Chopped up Bell Peppers

Chopped up scallions or onion sticks 

Food in can even see the fume in the picture ;)

Final product...Dinner is Ready :)

Happy Sunday!
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Sunglasses Shop

It is a sunny summer and sunglasses are a necessity. I can't do without sunglasses all year especially during the summer time. I love my sunglasses big and edgy just like this Le Specs Sunglassess from Sunglasses Shop. That is why Sunglasses Shop and I have teamed up to offer one lucky reader this beautiful pair.

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Good Luck everyone!


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