Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Floral Dose

Floral Zara 0 by www,jadore-fashion.com

Hello beautiful people! Friday is around the corner which means I am super excited :)

Floral00 by www.jadore-fashion.com

How has your week been? I had my second pilates session this week and seriously, who invented those Pilates equipment? They are not as easy as they look and my trainer had my friend Ivelisse & I doing some tough exercises. She is definitely pushing us and this is great. I think I have found a form of exercise that isn't boring.

Floral Overdose details by www.jadore-fashion

On the other hand, I am looking forward to the weekend and one of my reasons besides sleeping late is because I am hosting a ladies fun night at my place. Since my graduation celebration, I haven't seen most of them; so this will be a night to catch up on new things, eat, drink and be merry ;)

Floral Overdose extras by www.jadore-fashion

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Floral and Zara by www,jadore-fashion.com
Outfit: Zara Blouse: Old (try this here)
Zara shorts: Old (try this here)
Zara Shoes: Old
Victoria Secret purse: Old (try this here)
Michael Kors Watch (here)

Have a fubulous day and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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raliat11 said...

I am really getting a floral dose...lol I love the floral print on print. The color is so vibrant and beautiful, just right Summer..:)

Neche said...

You look stunning, those shoes are beautiful.You have such a beautiful face too!

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milana2078 said...



Kiah Torres said...

Loving this look Stella! Werk it girl! Kiah

Melissa said...

I love it... but isn't it hot where u r? coz it BURNING out here in NEW YORK!

Frannie Pantz said...

Man I love a good floral suit! This is really cute! And I just started exercising too. I started Insanity and it is crazy hard, but after you get used to it, you're right, it gets easier and feels good!

Alina said...

Super pretty!Love this look!

simplychic said...

loving your florals! and a ladies fun night sounds like a ton of fun!

Mana said...

Hello Dear, you really rock this outfit! It looks great on you. Stay blessed and enjoy your ladies fun night!

please check (P.S.) because small errors have taken root :)

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Perfect summer look

Daniella said...

Stuning look! Love the two florals you've teamed together and those shoes are beautiful, so chic! :)

Take care, Daniella xox

Carmen said...

Wow, you look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Jadore Jadore... This is just lovely

ashi said...

the colors look wonderful with your skin tone girl! lovely

Style4Curves said...


Corner Curl Girl said...

I love the floral print and the shoes, dear! Keeping it fresh! :) I chose you to receive two blog awards from me! Check out this link to claim them: http://ccurlgirl.blogspot.com/2012/07/blog-awards-from-one-of-my-faves.html

Congrats and I look forward to your next post! :)


Sia said...

Such a cool floral print x

Marsha C said...

Gorgeous on you...I have that shirt too, love it! x


Carsedra said...

You look very nice, really cute shoes!!

Carsedra of:



♥ Ana Paula Xavier ♥ said...

Hi, darling!
Thanks for visiting, I loved your comment.
You have a great blog!

Zoe said...

you look amazing! i love that print :)

Souda said...

oh damn I thought that was one piece instead of two! still cute i love the print.

fashion-hot said...

Everything about this is pure perfection. Those colors are beautiful together!

Life's a shoe said...

loving the florals!

Fleur said...

Love your shoes and your purse!

LA Lynn's said...

You are always a step above! I love this look sooo classy!


Natasha said...

loved it!
the purse made all the difference!

Inez said...

Gorgeous floral combination. Heart those shoes, Lady.

Tinu said...

super cute!!! love love the suit.

Fashion Circle said...

You look really cute.

Fashion Accessory said...

Looking stylish as always! I wish I could pull off some of the outfits you wear!

Rose Mode said...

Im in love with your shoes. Zara is my favorite store.

La Josie said...

I love your outfit , very chic ans so fashion ! Maybe we can follow each other if you want !

Today Fashion said...

LOVE the colour! Such a unique twist to the lace dress

Taliah said...

i want those shoes!! Love them!


Temi said...

Love, love, love the floral combo...wish the whole outfit was mine. You look gorgeous! :(

(thanks for visiting my blog)

Chuwechuwe said...

You look stunning. I had never thought to try a floral combo but this is working beautifully..... plus you certainly have the legs for it. I love your style.

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