Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So many things, so little time

It seems like there is so little time in the day to do everything that i want to do...hmmm! and school just started for me this week--not feeling it! My mind is thinking Miami and Vegas. My friend and I were strategizing which trip to go to first--will see how that goes...

Anyway, I took a "zumba" dance class yesterday with my friend--gosh! We both had zero rhythm. Half of the time, I was making up my on dance instead of following the teacher's steps; but I had fun regardless.

Ok! Enough of my ramblings... Is there anything you guys will like to see more of? Video blog? More outfit post?
Ideas are welcomed :)


Outfit: H&M top, pants, & bag, Shoes by Jessica Simpson


AfroStyle said...

I want those shoes! let me know if you would like ot be featured on my blog. :)

Femi said...

yes please can we see wedding pictures?

Terri said...

Would love to see more outfit post, it inspires us.
BTW, loving the Jessica Simpson platforms.

Anonymous said...

I love those shoes. I purchased them in camel and now, of course, can't find anything in my closet that feels right with them.

Come by and get to know me at

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Love your top!


Join the Gossip said...

I'd say go to Miami...I live only 4 hours from Vegas so it doesn't sound as exciting to me :)

Thumb said...

awesome shoes, hon! xxxxxx hell bunny clothing

BbyAngel said...

You look amezing! I love your shoes! Great blog x

. said...

Be sure to check out my blog for the Labor Day contest don't miss out!


J'Adore Fashion said...

@AfroStyle: thanks, sure you can feature me :)

@Terri: thanks...I will sure post more outfits

@Ebony: i want the camel one too--too bad I cant find can wear anything, romper, pants...

@CC: thanks hun

thanks guys xoxo

Skinny Hipster... said...

lol @ Femi

Cute outfit hon :-)

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