Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heart on my sleeves

Sorry for the long wait for a post. Am recovering from last weeks crazy exams and at the same time trying to use this week to catch up on planning my wedding which is this fall. Besides that, I am enjoying a warmer weather, but not so much of the allergies that come with it.

OMG! Did anyone catch tonight's episode of Gossip Girls? I always felt like that lady wasn't Chuck's mom--with the fake DNA test--I feel bad for Chuck; but I believe Blair is going to come to his rescue :D
Ok, enough 'spoiler' for those that didn't see it. LOL!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend

outfit: asos harem, F21 crop top, aldo shoes


lola said...

Love your blog...what is the name of the black aldo shoes you are wearing? Love it:)

Dannie said...

looove your crop top. i work at f21 and I've had my eye on that baby for quite some time now ;)

Miss Madeline said...


Violet said...

ugh i hate you i almost read about the episode.. i havent watched it yet! lol

love the top and the pants btw

Vi from Cali

Olivia said...

love your top!
really nice outfit

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a little while now and haven't had the chance to comment, but now that I've seen those gorgeous pants your wearing, I just had to say I love your sense of style.

-Erica D.

Rene said...

thank goodness i watched gossip girl b4 reading this, i would have been furious.
love the top

mom & son said...

I wasn't able to watch Gossip Girl, huh!
Sweetie, i love that stripe heart on your shirt.
Of course, you look fab!

Walk The Sand said...

LOVE that crop. You wear it well!

1511th said...

Hiya, oh nooooo I was just going to watch this week's episode of GG and then I read your post..lol

I love this look alot, awesome.

Hope you ace your exams.

xs said...

cute top! good luck with the wedding plans!

Sarah M said...

OMG perfect way to rock the harem pants!! :D :D :D




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