Monday, September 28, 2009

It's over: oh weekend

The wedding is over, including my weekend. Had a blast at the wedding--so many emotions, but fun moments. The bride/bridal train looked so beautiful. For the wedding, I decided to wear...(drum roll please)...LOL! The funny thing is that I didn't even wear any of the things I intended on wearing. I guess my mood changed few mintues before I left the door. I decide to wear a black skirt that has this studded belt and a white long sleeve shirt with this jewelry that is mixed with gold chain/pearls. The sad part is that I didn't even take any picture with my camera, so I am waiting for my friends to upload the ones they took. With the crazy rain, It kinda washed out my thinking regarding taking any picture--so no pictures for now. Hopefully my friends will post it before the end of the week; but I will still post other days outfit.

Thanks guys for wishing me well on my assignments. It went very well; now I have my first exam for the semester on Friday. I don't know whether to look forward to Friday or NOT.
To celebrate after my exam, I am thinking of a night out with the PRAY for me :)

Hope the weekend went well for you guys!

PS: am sad they had to cancel TBL (The Beautiful Life) :(

Enjoy: Twenty8Twelve Spring 2010

Love the jeans vest & jumpsuits...cropped top is not going anywhere soon! Love the collection.



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's the Street...It's Fashion...They are Celebrities


Jessica Stroup--amazing dress...the shoulder alone is MAYJOR!

Victoria Beckham

Emma Watson


Leighton Meester

What do you think?

On a different case--my case lol! I have a wedding this weekend to attend, but I have no idea what to wear. So far, I am thinking about a peg pants and top or a black dress!!! Will see how that goes--for now, I have to worry about the 3 assignments due on Friday. Ugh!

back to work... later, xoxo

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Filling Station

Turned the gas station into my runway lol! Nah..just filling up the tank for the days outing.

outfit: F21 Long vest, H&M leggings, Aldo shoes...

Hope everyones' weekend is going well! A bit under the weather, but hope to snap out of it because I have lots of case studies to do :(

Phillip Lim Spring2010
PHI Spring2010--love the collection, edgy and the boots.
I am noticing that a lot of designers are going for more edgy styles-- I love almost anything that is edgy/sexy! :D

What spring 2010 collection(s) did you like?

source:, knightcat

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

JILL STUART 2010: "Eighties extravaganza"!!!

GOSH!!! This is definitely my favorite! LOVE the sleeves, the lace--so MAYJOR!!! :D

LOVE the lace up booties--*drooling* over them...muah ;-*

I can see Rihanna wearing these, just like the Gareth Pugh she wore!
I guess the harem are not going anywhere soon--love them, quite comfy too! ;)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cropped up with Mickey

The weather is gradually switching to fall. Its been raining a lot also--reminding me of London! I have been consumed with school and work. I am really trying to catch up with spring 2010 shows. I am currently looking forward to MTV award or rather get a glimpse at the red carpet styles.
I serious need to start stocking up on sweater/cardigan.
Hope everyone's weekend went well!
later lovelies

Saturday, September 12, 2009

LAMB Spring 2010

I just Love Gwen's sping 2010 LAMB collection. I am loving the lace leggings, the jumpsuit, and of course the harem--so rock chic!!! I would definitely wear any piece.
What do you guys think?


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Weekend!

Currently relaxing after a long day out. I am hoping to catch up on other blogs that I have missed and returning friends phone calls by tomorrow before my week begins. On the otherhand, I just bought this ankara material for a friend's wedding in October, but I have no tailor yet and I am bit confused as to what I want to sew with the material. Hopefully before this week runs down, I will decide whether to sew a dress or playsuit/jumpsuit with the material.
I am off to catch a movie with the fiancé with my strawberry smoothie with whipcream on hand...yummy :D
Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!!!

outfit: Aldo bag & shoes, F21 pants, victoria secret shirt,

Thursday, September 3, 2009


(Topshop)...I hope they stock up on this sold out so fast..I NEED IT :(

Sorry for the absence, grad school has been getting on be, but i will be back this weekend with an outfit post.
I have to go get ready for my class. One more day till weekend! Yippie!!!
later guys,

source: tfs, topshop, knightcat
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