Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cycle in cycling shorts

Two things that I love: bicycle and cycling shorts. I remember learning how to ride two wheel bicycle with my cousin, he will always get mad because I was learning faster than him. In fact, I actually learnt to ride alone after 2 trials, which really made him cry :D
As I was remembering this 'bicycle story', i can't help sing this song:
"Anything you can do, I can do better.
I can do anything better than you--
No you can't-- yes I can..."
(it's from some sing along kids songs LOL)

Does anyone know that song?

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Dannie said...

this is such a fun vintage, easy, carefree look!
im saving a few of these pix, jsyk- thanks for the inspiration!

Couture Carrie said...

Fab post, darling!
I love that song!
And I am pretty psyched that bike shorts are back... just came from spinning class :)


Nika said...

so 80s and as a 80s baby, I lurve it!

She's Dressing Up said...

Id have never thought cycling shorts would become fashionable, but now that they have I think I secretly like them too! I just wish I had a bike! =]

Anonymous said...

these are the best
so fun!

check out my blog @

Crave said...

Just too cool...

Anonymous said...

love your blog!

i think you'd like this online fashion magazine!

Jowy said...

whahahahaha YES I KNOW THAT SONG!! FUNNY!!!
btw..those shorts are cute!

One Love,

J'Adore Fashion said...

thanks ALOT @ Anonymous--really appreciated.

@Jowy: funny song, it was my girl /boys song lol

@nika, am with you on that, 80s baby too ;)

@She's dressing up: yeah, never thought that cycling short will be the thing, i will always wear it on my lazy work out days lol

@Thanks CC and CMA
@Dannie: its great that I inspired you, thanks hun :)


Anonymous said...

The song is not from a sing-a-long kids song. It's from Annie Get Your Gun, a musical.

J'Adore Fashion said...

sure, but it was also used in a christian kids sing along...i ust can't remember the name..."Crosby.." (not sure)

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