Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life in Toronto

No, I don't live in Toronto, but I had a blast with friends and families. I got to see my Bff for the first time since 2005--such a blast! So enjoy this pictures! :)
PhotobucketMy sis-in-law and I, she makes the best Kung Pao :)
PhotobucketToronto @ Night...very pretty
PhotobucketI was a cold and rainy day, but had fun anyways!
PhotobucketDowntown Niagara--beautiful
My oldest friend...known her since we were 13/14yrs old xoxo :)
So many pictures, so I had to pick from the bunch, enjoy your weekend...


Leigh said...

I have to go there! and you look amazing :)

Keith said...

Great photos. It looks like you had a fun time.

Ms. Butterfly said...

You look great. Last shot-shoes are hot! Are those the F21 leggings btw?

Chi-Chi said...

awwww your in my Country!hehe...
Please I beg you, where did you get your shoes from? (last pic)

Nice pics : )

dapper kid said...

Wow, looks like you had an absolutely amazing time! I love your denim cut offs dear :)

J'Adore Fashion said...

@Leigh: thanks dear

@thanks Keith, i had mad fun

@Ms butterfly: thanks babe, the leggings is from H&M

@@ChiChi: wish I Knew, but next time you may might have to show me around more. the shoes are from Aldo

@dapper: definitely, i have fun, thanks!xx

thanks guys xoxo

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling! Thanks for sharing these fabulous pics! Love your chic casual vibe... those leggings and the blue pedi really rock!


Arielle said...

love the photos!! and the yellow scarf, great contrast aganist your skin :)

Toni Tones said...

looks like u had a really nice best friend lives there....been wating 2 go 4 ever...soon I hope...lovely pics

Toni Tones said...

where are ur black lace up sandals from pls??? I love them....

J'Adore Fashion said...

@CC: thanks!xoxo

@Arielle: thanks xx

@Toni: thanks, they are from Aldo

♥B said...

Love the new banner!

The shot by the falls is gorgeous :)

*Dith* said...

lovely photos!! I'm excited! going to canada by d weekend.

likin the new pg by d way.

proudly says, said...

it was a great reunion with your bff!
beautiful photos from canada!
i hope to bring mr. freddy to canada very soon!

p.s. thanks for the bday wishes for mr. freddy. i appreciate it alot. i posted some pics on my blog taken from his bday.

J'Adore Fashion said...

I will check it out...xx

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