Saturday, July 18, 2009

I See in Dots, but Black and White


From Buffalo to Niagara...I spent all day at Niagara falls and at the casino. Despite the rain, Niagara falls looks so great both in day and at night.

Ok, I am kinda feeling so tired, but can't sleepy. I believe I ate a heavy dinner at that casino! :/ Oh well, the food was great. In these situations, some 'Kenny G' will be my sleeping pill tonight. ;)

Before I sign off, I'm wishing you all a lovely weekend? Hey, Did anyone see Rihanna's new cut? Any thoughts on that?

Later, xoxo


Anonymous said...

loving this darling!
the little polka dot tight top under the big jacket is a flawless and great shape-forming look
love it!

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Tracey Ellle said...

gorgeous outfit.. u look lovely hun... rihana rocks the cut. wouldnt do it.. but she looks lovely

Anonymous said...

great outfit the bag is cute
I love rihanna but i expected more out of her shes so original especially with her hair and she did something that everyone is doing right now it looks good but boring none the less

♥B said...

Gorgeous outfit, simple but perfectly arranged!!

kirstyb said...

Love the blazer xooxox

Ms. Butterfly said...

Looking good from head to toe. Love the polka dots on you and your hair style is so chic so becoming. I haven't seen Rhi rhi's new hair-gotta google it.

yiqin; said...

I don;t like her new cut. But I like your blazer! haha

Violet said...

you look great as usual

it sounds like you had fun in Niagera

and Rihanna i really dotn agree with the cut its to much.. soon she wont have any hair

Vi from Cali

Violet said...

oh and i adore the jacket youve got on

Vi from Cali

proudly says, said...

i love polka dots so much!

i'm looking forward to our niagara trip too!

Bella said...

You rock the polka dots... and have I told you how much I love this! Always gorgeous babe!

budget chic said...

Love your hair style and the outfit is cute. I could wear black every day of the week!