Monday, March 9, 2009

Blonde Moment!!!

The weather was so nice this weekend. We went from a snow storm barely two weeks ago to a spring-summer temperature. The temperature was up to 70 degrees [how I love warm weathers]. I hope this week stays warm. :)

I had a "Blonde moment" as my friend called it. This is my story: lol.
Bear in mind that I am not yet use to my new high tech car because I am so use to driving cars that you actually start/turn off with a key and not a button LOL. Since I don't actually need the keys to start/turn off my car, I forgot to turn it off after I have parked the car. First, I parked the car, turned off the radio, closed the door, and walked away. As I was about to leave, my friend was like, "does your car turn off on its own?" She was confused to why I was walking away from the car without turning it off. LMAO!! I just had this confused stir, until I leaned close to the car and I realised that it was still running. Gosh! did I feel dumb--that's why I love simple things--cars with keys lol!!

Anyways, that was how my weekend went. Thank you all for your warm well wishes; I am feeling much better. I really had a restful weekend.

What did you guys do over the weekend?

outfit: bakers shoes, asos hareem, express blazer, F21 tank, H&M scarf


Anonymous said...

Keyless cars? Hmmm never heard of that before...what kinda car is that?

J'Adore Fashion said...

it does have an emergency key [have no idea where it goes lol], but all you need is sensor thing with you in your pocket or purse and you can start/turn off the car by pushing the button--09 Nissan

Violet said...

too cool i would love to see how the car works in real life
lol my boyfriend calls me a blonde cus i have had some many of those moment so when it happens he says "shes back!" lol

Vi from Cali

Ovay West said...

your shoes are orgasmic!!

phamzy said...

lol. that's funny! anyway, you will get use to it eventually.

Afrobabe said...

lmao @ forgetting to switch off ur car..too funny for words...

Couture Carrie said...

Ha ha funny story, silly girl!

Love the blurry pic effect and the look!


issa said...

haha... i'd probably not know how to use the keyless cars either!

deep_in_vogue said...

Can't see the pics very well, hun, but the color of the scarf seems lovely!

J'Adore Fashion said...

@ violet: girl, I have a lot of those moments, my friends will always say, "Is it that moment now?" LOL

@Ovay West: hope it didn't turn you on too much lol

@phamzy:LOL, am trying, I double check before I step out of the car.

@Afrobabe: lol, i have a lot of those funny dumb moment, so unintention :)

@CC: thanks dear, unplanned silly behavion lol xoxo

@Issa: especailly if you are use to using keys all the time, now coming keyless lol

@deep in vogue: thanks dear!!!


♥ fashion chalet said...

I need some blue plaid right nowww! Love your shoes =]


thank you ♥ !!

J said...

Good to hear you had a restful weekend.

I tried to get some research/writing done but was terribly unproductive at it!


Susanna-Cole said...

Ah, I know what you mean! It was like a big snow and then SPRING! All in one week! I was sooo hyper with all the warm weather! haha. Can't wait for it to return! ;)

Anyway you're outfit is so fierce and fabulous, you look beautiful! And your "blonde moment", so funny haha. ;) Sometimes I almost forget to put my car in park, but luckily you can't take out the keys until the car is in park, which has kept me from leaving and having it roll down a hill or something haha. My car is old, and the driver's door have a lot of issues... climbing through the window or through the other doors is sometimes the only entry into my car! haha.

Hope you are well, my dear! <3


proudly says, said...

geez! funny story!
i've a friend who's car has the same car what you have.
oh, i love your shoee-essss!

CultureCynic said... not ur fault jare...blame technology! lol!!!

J'Adore Fashion said...

@fashion chalet: thanks dear!!!

@J: thanks, hope your proect is going well--have a moment of distraction with something fun and then get back to the project--it works for me ;)

@SC: same here, i went crazy about the warm weather, i felt like a hyper child lol. OMG, you are damn too fun at getting into your car via the window :) I do forget to put my car on park to, it even happened today lmao

@proudlydays: thanks mami, I had to laugh at myself too :)

@CultureCynic: I am so blaming technology ;) lol

The Seeker said...

Love your shoes!!!

Funny story


Couture Carrie said...

P.S. Be sure to stop by my blog as I am having a contest today!


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