Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks, weekend!!!

Its been a lovely weekend and thanksgiving. Its nice having lots to eats and families and friends around. After dinner with families, I went over to my friend's house for a thanksgiving get together. We all ate, played lots of music from Dbanj to Beyonce, goofed & danced around to Beyonce "Single ladies" song, and played board games including "twister". It was a fun holiday :D

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving for those in America. On the other hand, hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

outfit: express dress & tights, h&m cardigan and scarf, F21 bag,


The Seeker said...

OMG you look so lovely!
The mustard scarf poping it's such a great detail.
Glad that you're enjoying your time :)

All the best, my dear, take care


Stella sounds like your holiday was just as its all,friends,loved ones and good times.
girl that dress is terrific and the colour of your scarf looks great on you!
have a yummy day hun.

zuz said...

the bad is really pretty

Mad Hatter said...

your looking good, glad you had a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

sooo chic!

i love that yellow scarf. it gives the perfect pop of color!

La C.

Couture Carrie said...

You look fab in yellow, darling! Love your post title and outfit :)


Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time. And you looked awesome as well =) Love the dress with the boots!

J'Adore Fashion said...

@ the seeker: thanks a lot dear, hope you day is going good. xoxo

@the house of style: marian, your such a darling, have a yummy day too dear :) xoxo

@zuz: thanks dear!!!

@Mad hatter: thanks buddy :)

@La C: thanks dear, have a lovely day!!xoxo

@CC: thanks dear,you always having amazing topic and inspiring post!!xoxo

@join the gossip: thanks a bunch, hope you had much fun like i did!!!


Tina :) said...

The scarf is such a lovely color pop!



i am in love with this outfit.. wintery greys with the cool pop of colour!

issa said...

awww glad you had a great thanksgiving!! i'm totally lovin this look on you

May Kasahara said...

Lovely ♥

I'm loving your mustard scarf - I'm wearing mine to DEATH.

Love your style.

J'Adore Fashion said...

@tina: thanks dear

@Charmaine: thanks, i can't get enough of that scarf myself!!

@Thanks Issa :)

@May Kashara: thanks dear, am wearing mine to death too :)


Hot Bot said...

Thanks! Great ensemble you got going, and isn't Thanksgiving weekend always loving and amazing like that? :)

glory said...

love the colored scarf.... and also the post about you grandma, really cute... kisses

Bella said...

Sounds like a fantastic time!

The second shot is GORGEOUS... that pop of yellow is just incredible on you.
Oh, and the boots!!!!!!


Song of Style said...

u look super fab and stylish!
love the yellow scarf!

withasianstereotypes said...

It's no problem honey I am more than happy to draw you. I mean, your so gorgeous and quite charming.

&hearts, withasianstereotypes

Terencesambowrites said...

i love ur bag it's awesome cool stuff n i like ur blog my first time here :o)

Dp drop by mine i got an interview with the hottest model of the moment u dnt wanna miss :o0

Susanna-Cole said...

Gorgeous outfit my dear, the yellow scarf and the bag give the look some Thanksgiving-like flavor too! :D And I'm so glad to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving! <3 And oh so I've been dancing around to "Single Ladies" a lot lately too! haha. Except I'm finally starting to get sick of it! :P

Thanks for your beautiful comment dear, you're too sweet! <3


J'Adore Fashion said...

@hot bot: your welcome, yeah,love thanksgiving holiday!!!

@glory: thanks dear...:) xoxo

@thanks bella, had a great time!!! xx

@song of style:thanks, so sweet :)

@ withasianstereotypes:thanks dear, too sweety, don't make me blush now :-P... can't wait hehehe

@ Terencesambowrites:thanks dear for stopping by. will check u out!!!

@SC: hey dear, how have u been, thanks for the sweet comment. hope your week is going well.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Absolutely love it .... especially the color combination :)

J'Adore Fashion said...

thanks marta :)

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

I love the combination of mustard and orange, gorgeous pops of colour with a dark outfit

erika said...

glad you had a great thanksgiving! sounds a lot similar to mine minus the twister, and put in guitar hero =) hahaha!! you look fab, hun! those boots look scrumptious


sounds like you passed the *perfect* thanksgiving.
love the banner illustration, really great choice.


Mimi said...

the outfit is simple but good looking. your yellow scarf is a very cool statement.

J'Adore Fashion said...

@dreamer: thanks dear!!

@erika: lol@ guiter hero, twister was so fun and crazy, great to hear someone had fun too. thanks dear.

@textstyle:thanks a lot, muah :)

@mimi: thanks!!!
xx said...

loving the mustard scarf.

budget chic said...

That mustard scarf and bag are sweet!!

Justmel and my style said...

I love the mustard touch! so pretty!

Audrey said...

Hi, your clothes are nice. you are so stylish :)

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