Friday, October 31, 2008

More from London

walking to Buckingham palace!!

I so needed to sit down after long walks!!!

Another Day: This is what I wore to visit family. I opted for colors to compliment the black. It was a cold and windy day.

Sunday!! Sunday!!!
After church we decide to while away time at near by stores before visiting another family relative.

For dine & fun:

Shopping: Oxfords street
my favorite stop by :)

***If you haven't asked me any question, am still accepting any questions...please ask away :)




Third World Profashional said...

really feeling the argyle top, this your jand moves wasn't easy o.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Ahhhh, I'm so jealous. Topshop!!!!! I want your bag and boots, great mustard-yellow scarf, too. :)

♥/ fashion chalet

J'Adore Fashion said...

@ Third World Profashional: THANKS, it was a section on my life a yr and so ago when i went argyle was easy o ;-) jus hard to give them yankee style ;)

@fashion chalet: i know, am still jealous of londoners :-P, sure jus pass you wonderful dresses ;-)

have a fab weekend ladies xoxo

Marquis de Lannes said...

J'aime bien ton blog! bonne continuation!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Take me to London with you next time, and I'll let you borrow the boots. ;) Very comfortable, yes! Seriously, I miss London, the last time I was there I was so young...

Happy Halloween, my costume photos up later today.

♥/ fashion chalet

The Seeker said...

Looking so stylish dear!!!
Love those spots of colour on the black.

Happy Halloween, have fun!!


Donkey said...

You are absolutely adorable!

Susanna-Cole said...

Yay you're back, my dear! :D Aw I'm so glad you had fun in London though and you look as fabulous as London is! :D

Love all these pictures, especially the one in the phonebooth from the last entry, a London phonebooth picture: simply timeless and classic! :D



darling you look uber stylish in all your outfit shops.I see you hit good ol' topshop ;o)
darling if id known you were here i would have taken you to some great shopping spots! hope you had an amazing time in London.

glory said...

grate, you soud show us you shopping from england... kisses

Dana (MODAna) said...

hurray for color!!
I love the ways you wore your leather jacket

Ciao Bella said...

you look grand as always..ugh i miss london! its been forever since i visited. anyway came upon this interesting site and i thought you might like actual words just photos of lovely people with lovely style =]

Couture Carrie said...

OMG you look fantastic! I especially love you in your gray boots - did you buy them in London?
So glad your trip was as wonderful as I had hoped it would be! Yay Topshop!


P.S. Great song! Think I have to go buy me some Ne-yo on iTunes right now!!

replica handbags said...

so pretty! enjoy yourself!

Dapper Kid said...

Looooving all your scarves!!! And yay for London town, I could spend days shopping in central london!

Angela said...

fabulous outfits!



J'Adore Fashion said...

Marquis de Lannes: merci :)

fashion chalet: we will have to work on that deal dear cuz those boots of yours are firece!!!

the seeker: thanks dear :)

donket :thanks

S-C: thanks dear, had a blast in london. I was basically searching for the red booth--so fab :)

the house of style: thanks dear, i will definitely buzz you next time cuz your queen of london fashionista :)

glory: thankd\s, besos :)

dana: thanks, even though it was quite windy.!!!

ciao bella: thanks darl, Oh i love that site am their ultimate guest, love the street styles :)

CC: thanks dear, I actually got the boots from victorias secret. love neyo's song, great spin on ipods :)

replica handbag: thanks dear

Diaper kid: thanks, love scarf, it makes simple things chic. :)

angela: thanks hun!!!

gladitsnigh: lol, that funny, yeah, brought my jadore-fashion to london ;-)

thanks all for the sweet comment, i enjoy reading it all. kisses :)

lisa said...

Love those shoes in pic with gold scarf!!
xoxo from las vegas

saray said...

the photos are great!!
your outfit are fab!

♥ fashion chalet said...

HEHE sounds great, lovely; we will work something out.. ;)

By the way, thanks<3 for the comment on my costume.

As for the coffee.. I kind of gave it up, so mine consists of everything, minus the coffee part (unless it's decaf, sometimes) ^-^

♥/ fashion chalet

J'Adore Fashion said...

@ lisa: thanks dear :)

@saray: thanks dear :)

@fashion chalet: ur welcome, will work on that ;) hehehe. still loving the hand band :)

Bella said...

Gorgeous!! I love the boots and the scarf is so lovely on you!!

Oh, and I'm so jealous about Topshop!!

J'Adore Fashion said...

@ bella: thanks babe, am kinda obessesed with the boots at this time.

love topshop, they hav fab fashions :)

Join the Gossip said...

Fashion, family, and sight seeing...does it get better?!

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