Thursday, October 9, 2008

Home Buddy

I have become a home buddy since the weather is getting cold. When the weather gets cold, I find it hard going outside because I just can't stand cold weathers; but I love the layering of outfits that come with it. Well, yesterday wasn't as cold as the other days, so I decided to wear my jumpsuit with a jacket (not featured in the picture) to my dentist.

The dentist experience wasn't the best experience for me because my gums had to be numbed before the procedure. Well, I didn't feel any pain until after it started wearing out. I barely could open my mouth; but the worst part was, I was so hungry but couldn't eat anything but soup. Then, having to sit down at my mom's place and watch her eat this great looking, smelling food in front of me while I swallow my saliva lol. After couple pain medication as directed, am feeling much better today. Today, I basically ate like someone has starved me for days. Well..., I was actually starved yesterday lol.

**On the previous post, I forgot to put where the outfits are from, so here is the rundown:

the black jeans:F21, blazer: Express, Booties: aldo, Clutch: Limited

outfit: jumpsuit, necklace: f21, belt: H&M,


May Kasahara said...


love your blog. ♥

Lindsay said...

you pull that off well! that jumpsuit would probably look silly on me!

xoliquoricexo said...

that's a good look ;-)


Join the Gossip said...

That's a rad necklace =)



ashleigh said...

oh no, the dentist! :(

you look so fierce though (in my best tyra accent)love love love the pants and the necklace soo much! i'm hunting for these exact ones!


love this look look chic in the color of the season. those sandals look good honey!
how are your gums/teeth? i hate the dentist.hope its tons better and you can eat solids now.

Designer Qui said...

cute outfit. i love cold weather! i can understand what you're going through. i'm having some dental issues myself.

J'Adore Fashion said...

@may kasahara: thanks a lot :)

@Lindsay: thanks dear, oh! I bet you can pull it off too :)

@xoliquoricexo: thanks dear ;-)

@Leeann (join the gossip) thanks dear :)

@GLADITSNIGT.COM: thanks dear :)

@ashleigh: the dentist, not fun, but feeling much better, thanks btw, they have a lot of those necklace @ forever21 and aldo.

@the house of style: thanks marian, feeling a lot better, I can eat almost everything, but some part are still tender. have a fab weekened :) xoxo

@designer qui: thanks dear!!! :)

Couture Carrie said...

I'v been a home body lately too . . . but not looking nearly as chic as you do!!
Love the jewelry :)


The Seeker said...

How great you pull that j-suit off!!!!!
It's not easy to do that, but you do it amazingly.
Also love the necklace.


Princess.Maria said...

love the jump suit !!

Maria =)

MR style said...

great look dear ! i love it

natalie. said...

I never liked jumpsuits, mainly because i couldn't pull them off, but it looks fantastic on you!

Anonymous said...

sweet jumpsuit! sometimes people over do the jumpsuit, but you've got the look down pat!

J'Adore Fashion said...

@ CC: i bet your chic too, thanks btw

@the seeker: thanks

@Thanks Maria dear

@mr style: thanks MR :)

@natalie:thanks hun

@krissy: thanks dear :)


Anonymous said...

I love that jumpsuit! Especially with the accessories - You look great.

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