Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another Weekend

I always look forward to my weekends after work days--today seem kinda nice too. I have a church picnic this afternoon; I know it starts by 12noon, but knowning me, I will not be there at that time. In fact, I doubt if anyone will be there at 12. I still haven't figured out want to wear; but I know it is going to be a simple clean outfits to prevent some bad looks especially since I didn't buy the church printed shirt. why? because it is too hot for that kind of shirt. I plan on wearing some kind of tank top. I will post the outfit tonight or tomorrow. any ideas for picnic? This was a picture from yesterday.
see u later... have a nice weekend

pant/vest: H&M, shoes: Aldo, Bag/tank: F21(forever 21),


CoutureCarrie said...

Wide lag jeans - awesome!!

erin de la cruz said...

i love this site!!

MONI said...

great look!! .....sure let's trade link...:)

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